Product Reviews

Project: Blackout PUMP

“Adding in this Blackout Pump to my pre-workout mix has totally changed the game. This is the real deal.”


Project: Blackout Pre-Workout

“First time going a full workout with this new blackout pre… I feel superhuman. It’s hard to put into words how amazing this stuff is.”


Loaded Protein

“This has to be, by far the best protein in the game .”

David B.


“This pre-workout is AMAZING! Never felt more focused in my life! BOOM!”



“Legit best pump and focus I’ve got in a long time!!! Plus that BCAA goes down so smooth! 90 min workout & feeling good!”



“Half way through my 1 hour ride to work when my head is normally bobbing off the steering wheel I noticed I was awake and attentive like I have never been before. I was ready to conquer the day This stuff is legit. Thank you RYSE!!”



“Been using for almost 2 weeks!! I feel so focused at work and it carries over to my workout for the day. Vitafocus ftw!!!”



“Can’t believe how crazy good this test is! Been using it now for weeks and the results are amazing. Better than any other test I’ve ever used!”